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McLaughlin-Rawling Publications

The following McLoughlin-Rawling publications are now out of print. For any enquiries about them, please get in touch.

Making your garden bush friendly

Judie Rawling with L. McLoughlin, Sydney. 3rd edition 2001. 32 page, full colour A5 booklet

A simple and popular guide to the identification and eradication of common garden plants invading native bushland in coastal NSW.

The expanded third edition pictures 49 weeds in full colour along with a description and tips for eradication. Weeds featured include a full range of woody weeds, herbaceous weeds, vines and scramblers, succulents, water weeds, and bulbs, corms and tubers. A new, fully illustrated section on eradication methods covers a range of hand weeding and herbicide-based methods to deal with all types of weed plants.

Bush enemies

Judie Rawling with L. McLaughlin, Sydney, 1991. 49.5 x 63.5 full colour educational poster

Designed to complement Making Your Garden Bush Friendly, or to be used alone, Bush Enemies is a valuable educational resource. Clear colour photographs illustrate 35 common garden plants invasive in Sydney’s bush, identified in four separate groups of bush enemies, according to the way they invade bushland.

Bushland under threat

Educational double-sided 2 colour A2 poster or concertina folded brochure, Sydney, 1992

An ideal aid for students, with detailed information on the importance of bushland, the many problems facing urban bushland and a full range of solutions to these problems, at government, community and individual level.

On the reverse side, a full-size chart simply but dramatically traces the threats to bushland and waterways, and the terrible results of cumulative environmental degradation.

Bush vandals

43.5 x 73.5cm two colour poster

Using gentle exhortation through humour, this poster illustrates damaging activities in bushland through cartoons, along with brief captions on the right things to do in bushland.

Are you a bush vandal? (surely not!)

21cm x 40cm folded pamphlet

Designed to complement Bush Vandals, this pamphlet illustrates many of the same damaging activities in cartoons. On the back is a series of tips to encourage environmentally friendly actions.


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